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Locally owned by Marin Natives, Kaity & Roberto Galvez since August, 2018, the LJ's Deli location has been a staple for sandwich lovers for many years.

In 1969, husband and wife team, Jeff and Vivian opened The Sub Hut at the current LJ's Deli location, creating the famous Sub Hut Special that is still served at LJ's today.  Customers come in daily and share their memories of eating the Sub Hut Special for over 50 years.

Today, LJ's Deli celebrates the nostalgia of the Sub Hut Special (still the #1 seller!) and offers a unique take on fresh sandwiches-always served on Bordenave's Bread. Specialty salads and Catering is also available.

Best Sandwich Subhut

Our Team


Owner, Operator

You will catch Kaity running around the deli nonstop, but always stopping to say hi and catch up.  She believes being nice trumps everything and that kindness is contagious-that just having an awesome interaction with the person who is making your lunch can change everything. 


Chef, Constant-Smil-er

Flor is truly the heart of the organization. She knows exactly what you want and how you like it before you do.  She is responsible for your favorite soup-don't worry, we won't tell your mom you like Flor's more!  She is a mother to three beautiful kids, but takes care of us all. She is generous, but unbreakable. Come say hi to her, she will make your day.


Cashier, Barista, Constant Humm-er of Songs

Mercy is a nursing student who can't stay away from us for too long because we are too much fun.  She is positive and upbeat and constantly singing. Mercy is quick and witty and we are lucky to have her. 

Original Sub Hut Owner
LJ's Deli Sub Hut Sandwich
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